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The proposal video

Soooooo…. Here’s my own simple way of asking Angel to marry me. First I was conceptualizing what to do and all I could think of was to sing to her. Initially thought of a live performance but I might be too nervous to sing. Instead we made a recording.

Thanks to Frytz for his idea to invite Novare Band members to take part in this once in a lifetime performance. After I have finalized my playlist I had to make some changes on a few lyrics here to make it more personal. One great thing was that Ariel is really a great musical director and helped me out on the arrangements. After a few nights of sneaking for “band rehearsals” we finally set a date for us to start the recording.

We went to Blaster Studio to record, anddddddd we spent like the whole 10-hours for the track recording. Thanks to the following people who helped me out with this:

  • Frytz – for his idea of getting the Novare band, his talents on singing and playing the guitar
  • Ding – for his excellent lead guitar skills
  • Migs – for the amazing bass!
  • Ariel – the multi-talented person in the group, acting as our musical director, hitting the drums and playing the organ.
  • Gerold – on drums! without him, we could not have had a chance to play the organ
  • Keem – for recording the video and on 2nd voice!
  • Meg – for her full on moral support (to Frytz actually haha)
  • Thessa – helped us out during practice
  • Bong – my voice coach! 🙂
  • Kuya Son – for lending me his Go Pro
  • Jake, Auntie Deeds and Tito Joey – for helping me out finalize the video

Above all I thank God for everything! I feel so blessed Angel said YES!

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