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PRENUP: Finding love in the city

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PRENUP: Finding love in the city

Some people say, you gotta find love in the right place. I say, no one can ever dictate “where right is”. Our story is as normal as it can be, though a whirlwind as some have thought. We became friends open to becoming more than friends. Intentions were stated and the goal crystal clear. More than the love of coffee, our common love of God sealed the deal.

PRENUP: In Total Surrender

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PRENUP: In Total Surrender


We wanted to do something very different for our pre-wedding video. A memento of a time in our young lives where our deep love for each other was secondary to our love for God. This overflowing love caused us to share the Gospel throughout our wedding day. With the help of Sorrelle Isle Inc Co. we achieved something beyond what we imagined.

We hope you enjoy it!


Book Review: Meaning of Marriage – Chapter 1

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Book Review: Meaning of Marriage – Chapter 1

Angel and I have been planning on sharing our reflections and learnings from Tim Keller’s book The Meaning of Marriage. Back story first, Angel shared to me her book so I will be guided with how marriage should be, even before we got engaged. 😉 Took me a while to finish it but yes finally I did. So… here’s the first on the series of our book reflections.

Chapter 1: The Secret of Marriage

Chapter 1 opened with the verse Ephesians 5:31-32, where Tim expounds on why marriage is a profound mystery. Tim started with some history on marriage and its current decline based on statistics. I never saw it the way he sees it and it is sad that more people do not see how important marriage is in a Biblical sense.

For instance, most people today want to live with their partner’s first and “try-it-out” and then separates if it doesn’t work. Some would have to look for their perfect soul-mate and have ridiculous check lists first before they even think of marriage. And some men would think we need a lot of wealth before we get married, me included. I originally thought that I should marry when I’m 30 and “I’m ready to settle” but I learned it doesn’t have to be like that. My best affirmation from God is this: that I can be better with a partner and that we can build our own empire together. 🙂

My other take away from this chapter is how Tim talked about people who are also afraid of marriage due to what they see in the environment and how difficult they think it is. But what I didn’t realize before is that it really is difficult or challenging but it is as well wonderful and exciting(Thanks Tim!). The key to this secret that Tim shared is in the Bible, Ephesians 5:25,

Husbands should love their wives as Christ loved the Church.


Easy to say, hard to do!

Hope you can check out the book and see for your selves. I really encourage you to read the book

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The proposal video

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The proposal video

Soooooo…. Here’s my own simple way of asking Angel to marry me. First I was conceptualizing what to do and all I could think of was to sing to her. Initially thought of a live performance but I might be too nervous to sing. Instead we made a recording.

Thanks to Frytz for his idea to invite Novare Band members to take part in this once in a lifetime performance. After I have finalized my playlist I had to make some changes on a few lyrics here to make it more personal. One great thing was that Ariel is really a great musical director and helped me out on the arrangements. After a few nights of sneaking for “band rehearsals” we finally set a date for us to start the recording.

We went to Blaster Studio to record, anddddddd we spent like the whole 10-hours for the track recording. Thanks to the following people who helped me out with this:

  • Frytz – for his idea of getting the Novare band, his talents on singing and playing the guitar
  • Ding – for his excellent lead guitar skills
  • Migs – for the amazing bass!
  • Ariel – the multi-talented person in the group, acting as our musical director, hitting the drums and playing the organ.
  • Gerold – on drums! without him, we could not have had a chance to play the organ
  • Keem – for recording the video and on 2nd voice!
  • Meg – for her full on moral support (to Frytz actually haha)
  • Thessa – helped us out during practice
  • Bong – my voice coach! 🙂
  • Kuya Son – for lending me his Go Pro
  • Jake, Auntie Deeds and Tito Joey – for helping me out finalize the video

Above all I thank God for everything! I feel so blessed Angel said YES!