PRENUP: Finding love in the city

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PRENUP: Finding love in the city

Some people say, you gotta find love in the right place. I say, no one can ever dictate “where right is”. Our story is as normal as it can be, though a whirlwind as some have thought. We became friends open to becoming more than friends. Intentions were stated and the goal crystal clear. More than the love of coffee, our common love of God sealed the deal.

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PRENUP: In Total Surrender

We wanted to do something very different for our pre-wedding video. A memento of a time in our young lives where our deep love for each other was secondary to our love for God. This overflowing love caused us to share the Gospel throughout our wedding day. With the help of Sorrelle Isle Inc Co. we achieved something beyond what we imagined.

We hope you enjoy it!